protect your asset
Less than your deductible.
Pays for itself in the long run.

With insurance costs rising in recent years, many property owners have opted to raise their deductible in order to keep their premiums lower. What that means in the event of a water leak claim, is that you will have to pay $$ out of your pocket before your insurance even kicks in. It would have cost less to install a Leak Detection before a claim.

And after a water leak claim, many property owners experience a sharp increase in premiums just to retain their insurance. The good news is that several national insurers offer premium discounts when you install a Leak Detection system, meaning the system pays for itself in a few years.

prevent water leaks
Water Leak Damage
is Preventable

Over a 25 year period, from 1975 to 2000, smoke alarm presence in US homes rose from less than 10% to ~95% due to improvements in both the technology and the affordability of smoke sensors. Now just imagine if your smoke alarm could identify the exact location of the smoke or fire and extinguish it immediately, reducing the amount of damage from a fire.

Your Leak Detection System can do that! A recent insurance company research report found that 93% of water damage claims could be prevented with a water leak detection and shut off system. 93%! Call us today for a free estimate.

Flexible System Options: We can configure simple, low cost systems to protect you from specific threats. We can also configure Whole House systems. We can connect to Alarm Systems or Z-Wave Smart Device Controllers. We can configure the system that is right for you.

Lifetime Warranty: We are the ONLY provider in the industry to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our system components.

Superior Protection: Our systems detect leaks, shuts off the water, sounds an alarm and notifies you that the a leak has been detected. This is the highest level of protection that is available in the industry.

These insurance companies offer premium reductions to their policy holders who have Leak Detection and Shut off Systems installed in their home or business, and may also offer financial assistance with the purchase and installation of a Leak Detection and Water Shut off system. Contact Leak Prevention Pros today at (760) 989-2655 and request a free estimate.

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